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The Secret Origin of Pop Goes the Culture Podcast!

In 2016, Joey and Kenny attended their first Planet Comicon together. As a part of the event, they spent An Evening with Kevin Smith. From that over three hour conversation with the fans in attendance was this twenty-something minute piece.

In that clip was the seed which would grow into Pop Goes the Culture podcast!

Meet the Team

Joey Mills
Born at the end of the 1970s, Joey grew up during a time when cartoons, TV shows, and movies were made in order to sell action figures. A time when video games could be played at the arcade or from the comfort of your own home. A time when there were finally more than a handful of TV channels, provided you lived in town and could get cable or were willing to have one of those big-ass satellite dishes in your yard. A time when the rockers had bigger hair and wore more makeup than their groupies.

Joey is a pop culture Rain Man. He has A Beautiful Mind for all things entertainment. Now--finally--he has a platform to share his hobby.

Vital Stats:
Strength = Not as much as he once had
Agility = Two left feet
Stamina = Enough
Intelligence = Compared to the rest of this crew, not too shabby
Wisdom = Could probably use a modifying boost
Charisma = Can hold his own in a crowd

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Kenny Wright
On a cold, Chicago evening in the early 1970's, Thor raised his hammer to the sky. Thunder cracked. Lightning struck rooftops. A child was born.

A few months later, four wise men from New York came to bestow wonderful gifts upon the child. The Demon gave the child strength, twice that of a normal man. The Starchild blessed him with artistic abilities and intelligence unmatched. The Catman supplied with him with cunning and a warrior spirit. The Space Ace filled him with the healing power of the cosmos.

As the child grew, he honed his skills. He was fascinated by all things pop culture. The people. The television. The music. Here he stands, gifting the world with his knowledge, with laughter, and with deep musings that cause the cosmos to shudder.

Vital Stats:
Strength = Well above average
Agility = Declining at a pregnant pace
Stamina = Giggity
Intelligence = It's been better
Wisdom = Got that shit on lock
Charisma = Hell, son, I'm a charming son of a bitch. Just ask your mom.

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Dustin Stafford
Born in 1982, Dusty missed a lot of the stuff these other two guys are talking about when it was originally on TV, on the radio, or in theaters. Dusty never knew a time when there wasn't a video game console or PC in the house. When he's not gaming, Dusty's out hunting or bowfishing.

Vital Stats:
Strength = Was better before my shoulder got jacked up
Agility = If we're in the woods, you'll never hear me
Stamina = All night long
Intelligence = What's that?
Wisdom = I prefer to call it "experience"
Charisma = Smooth Criminal

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